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Shopper Connect Inc. was formed to develop shopper-based solutions and products to ensure the African shoppers and consumers get most value out of their disposable incomes. One of the solutions is DohYangu, developed for the Kenyan market

DOHYANGU is a mobile App that has partnered with many retailers, brands and products across the country to bring joy to each of your shopping trips. DOHYANGU makes each shopping encounter rewarding, by giving you back some of the money you had spent in the store straight back into your MPESA Account to spend it on more of your needs. For the first time in Kenya, part of your shopping budget comes back to you in cash, to spend!

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How DohYangu Works

We know times are tough. We know every shilling counts. We know you need not spend all your money while shopping – You need some back into your wallet! DOHYANGU gives you that much needed relief on your shopping budget by giving you back some of the money you had planned to spend. The App works in partnership with leading retailer outlets spread throughout the country. On your App, shop for the products which are registered on DOHYANGU deals section and add them to your physical cart. At the end of your shopping journey, DohYangu App will generate a barcode. Scan this code at the till, and you will instantly redeem the DOHYANGU cash, sent straight to your Mobile Money(MPESA) account. It is as easy as 1-2-3: Shop – Scan – Redeem!

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Visit your preferred participating retail store and shop for items listed on DohYangu App

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At the till, Scan your DohYangu barcode to automatically redeem cash earned from shopping DohYangu listed items.

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The amount earned as cashback reflects instantly on your DohYangu account after scanning your code. You can withdraw any time via MPESA.

This Week's Hottest Offers

Product image
Sunlight 2in1 Spring (Yellow)
KSH. 20 DohYangu
Product image
Blue Band Original 500G
KSH. 15 DohYangu
Product image
Ribena Blackcurrant and Strawberry
KSH. 20 DohYangu
Product image
Avena Vegetable Oil
KSH. 50 DohYangu
Product image
Nut Gold Crunchy Peanut
KSH. 30 DohYangu
Product image
Fresh fri
KSH. 50 DohYangu
Product image
Ariel Downy
KSH. 50 DohYangu
Product image
Soko Home Baking Flour
KSH. 15 DohYangu
Product image
Zenta Bar Soap
KSH. 15 DohYangu
Product image
Bella White Tissue 8 Rolls
KSH. 12 DohYangu
Product image
Nestle Cerevita Honey
KSH. 35 DohYangu
Product image
Club Cola
KSH. 10 DohYangu

Our Partners

We work with respected retailer partners and leading brands to ease your shopping burden – by giving you YOUR MONEY back. DOHYANGU makes sure you get back the money you have worked so hard for, so that you can spend it on something else, immediately or later. Partnering with MPESA enables your DOHYANGU redemption to get back to you immediately. Just Walk in into any of DOHYANGU retailer partners, Shop, Scan and Redeem to get your DOHYANGU savings back into your pocket through MPESA!


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Did you know that you could also earn money by referring others to use DohYangu App? It is simple. On your App, click “share with a friend” to reveal your unique 5-character alphanumeric code. This code is unique to you.

Every time a person registers using your referral code, shops and redeems DohYangu cash for the first time, you make some money too! Simple.

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