About DohYangu

DohYangu lets you get cash back for purchased items

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Who We Are

DohYangu (A Shopper Connect Product) is a mobile App that has partnered with many retailers, brands and products across the country to bring joy to each shopper.

DohYangu makes each shopping encounter rewarding, by giving you back some of the money you had spent in the supermarket that can be transferred to your MPESA Account. For the first time in Kenya, part of your shopping expense comes back to you using the app through M-Pesa, to spend!

Our Products

We know times are tough. We know every shilling counts. We don’t want you to spend all your money while shopping – You need some back into your wallet! DOHYANGU gives you that much needed relief on your shopping budget by giving you back some of the money you had planned to spend.

Download DOHYANGU App on your phone, register, shop in your favourite outlets, and redeem your DOHYANGU Money Back for each Shopping made with Offers.

The App works in partnership with leading brands and retailer outlets spread throughout the country. Within the App, you can shop for the products that are presented in the offer section. At the end of your shopping journey, scan your receipt, and you will instantly redeem the DOHYANGU cash. You can then transfer straight to your MPESA account. As easy as 1-2-3: Shop – Scan – Redeem!

Our Partners

We work with respected retailer partners and leading brands to ease your shopping burden – by giving you YOUR MONEY back. DOHYANGU makes sure you get back the money you have worked so hard for, so that you can spend it the way you want. Partnering with MPESA enables your DOHYANGU redemption to get back to you immediately. Just Walk into any DOHYANGU partner retailer outlet, Shop your favourite items, Scan your barcode at checkout and Redeem to get your DOHYANGU savings back into your MPESA!